For a very long tome Microsoft Flight Simulator X dominated the home flight sim scene, released way back in 2006, it is amazing that this bit of software in it's various guises has dominated the flight sim market for quite so long. However, this domination seems to be at an end.

For several years now X-Plane has been a full 64-bit option, perhaps more user friendly that FSX and with better graphics out of the box, it has gained traction, but perhaps more slowly than it has deserved. With the advent of version 11, this product has become even better. There are several idiosyncracies to Xplane 11, just like all the other products out there, however, we believe that it now represents at least the most technically advanced sim out there and from some one new to flight sim perhaps the most mature and easiest to use.

Prepar3d version 4 finally throws off the shackles of the 32-bit era. Whilst there has been this major architectural change, if you've used the previous version it will still feel familiar. It has far more add on aircraft support than X-Plane (via its FSX heritage) which is probably the reason it stays so popular, particular among those of you training for your PPL.

The last entry, is Dovetail's Flight Sim World - it's a completely new product and as such will struggle to gain traction, but for £19.99 you get a fully fledged simulator that looks amazing. It is also far more user friendly, the flip side of which is usually more restrictive and at the moment it's early access, so not perfect, but it is improving. It remains to be seen if Dovetail can gain the converts they are hoping to. Given their work with the Steam Edition of FSX and their core Train Simulator product, you certainly wouldn't bet against them.

All this is great news, as it gives you more choice, but as many simmers are aware, once you commit to one sim it's very difficult and expensive to move to another. If you are thinking of making a switch a long with a hardware upgrade, give us a call as we can run you through the pros and cons. The switch to 64-bit across all the major sims also means you can utilise that high end hardware properly. Overall, you can expect better visuals and more stability. Which of these three sims wins out in the long run, is anybodies guess!